Fit Meals

Are you looking for a healthy meal that will leave you feeling energized throughout your workday? Try our fit meals. All options are low-carbohydrate & gluten-free. We also offer an on-the-go option available via



Chicken $13

Coconut sweet potatoes

 Tilapia $13

Baked sweet potato

 Tuna Steak $16

Oven roasted beets

 Scallops $market

Green salad

Pork Chop $16

Green Beans

Catfish $16

Smothered cabbage

Red Snapper $market

Vegetable medley

Rib-eye $market


Shrimp $16

Cauliflower “rice”

Meatloaf $13


Chili  $13

Brussels sprouts

Beef & veggie soup $13

*All items are cooked using healthy fats*

1. Pick your protein.

2. Pick two items from the veggie list.

3. Add grilled mushrooms + onions (+2.00)

*Other protein & veggie options may be offered daily. We can help you stay on track with your nutrition goals!*


ingredients: raw/roasted almonds, walnuts & pecans, unsweetened coconut flakes, medjool dates, honey & molasses

PALEO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES  (party trays also available)

ingredients: almond flour, eggs, raw local honey, enjoy life chocolate chips, coconut oil,  baking soda, vanilla, sea salt